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About Chisholm Library

The library is the community hub where everyone in the school belongs, communicates, and crosses paths. Our core business remains promoting and encouraging a love of reading and learning, which necessitates the teaching of research skills.  This underpins all decisions about collection development and events.

We explicitly promote reading and literacy to the whole school community. The wide reading program for years 7 and 8 students encourages students to realise that a Love Of Reading is Awesome and eXciting, and has aptly been named LORAX. To compliment LORAX, we hold a range of reading programs throughout the year, including Kids Literature Quiz teams, Readers Cup in-school and district competitions, author visits, excursions to writers’ festivals, and Book Week activities.

We have chosen to reorganise the fiction collection by genre. We are also going through the process of integrating high interest non-fiction books into a genre-fied collection. We are doing this with the goal of encouraging more borrowing and reading.

Research skills are taught at a point in time that relates to assignments in individual subject areas.  All students benefit from access to quality educational resources and the skills to use them effectively. The library staff are part of the Information Communication Learning Technologies Committee, which means we are involved in important discussions and decisions about the use of technology in our school.

To facilitate exceptional resource delivery, the Library and IT staff will work together in the library.  Chisholm Catholic College is a one-to-one laptop school.  The IT support team issues and maintains these laptops as well as ensures the College is a leader in technology enabled teaching and learning.  They ensure IT systems within the College support access for the entire college community, including staff, students and parents.