A Busy and Exciting Term 1

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Term 1 has been a busy hive of activity for the Library. Throughout the term students have had opportunities to be involved in many reading extra-curricular activities.


On the 20th March, 8 students in Years 7 and 8 represented our College at the Kids Lit Quiz Brisbane Heat Competition. This is a competition which involves students answering 100 questions from 10  different categories. Both our Year 7 and 8 Teams topped a category round, finishing in the top 10 (out of 25 schools). The students had a great day and represented our College with pride.


On the 21st March, it was time for Students in Years 10-11 to get out and about, attending the Somerset Storyfest. This is an annual festival held at Somerset College, celebrating literature and Australian authors. 16 students attended the day listening to inspiring authors and poets from Scott Wings, Cath Crowely and Jane Caro. It was a fabulous day, with students taking away many thoughtful insights:

“When writing a story, don’t tell the reader what’s happening, show what is happening.”- Ruby

“Poetry slams can tell a meaningful story.”- Keely

“Books are more than simply words on a page.”- Sienna

“From books, you can learn so much more than just what it’s about.”- Jasmine

“People who don’t read, only live one life. People who do, live a thousand.”- Jorja

“The right sentence can change someone’s life forever.”- Natasha


To finish off a fun-filled term, Year 7 and 8 Students participated in our College Readers’ Cup competition. 10 teams of 4 competed against each other to be the team to represent Chisholm at the Brisbane Readers’ Cup Heats. It was a fun afternoon where students answered questions from the 4 books they had been reading over the Term. The final result:


Equal 3rd- The Grangers and The Bookworms

2nd place- The Epic Gamers

1st place- Da Book Boyz and Da Book Lady.

Congratulations to our winning teams, and all of our participants.