Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

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Carve the Mark is set in various places, those being the Assembly Ship, Pitha, Trilla, Orgra and a place called Thuvhe. There are many different planets in “their” solar system. The main characters names are Akos, a boy from Thuvhe who is the son of a farmer and an Oracle. Akos is generous in nature and his loyalty to his family is endless. The other main character is Cyra. Cyra is part of the royal family of the Shotet people.


On a normal day, Akos’ family is shattered by the Shotets with he and his brother taken from his parents. Cyra and Akos meet and they start to get along, but something always seems off.


Carve the Mark has 4 different ‘Parts’ to the story!


In a Galaxy where the Current flows through every living being, there are “CurrentGifts” for every single person in the entire galaxy! Cyra and Akos meet after the King of the Shotets (Cyra’s brother) orders Akos to serve Cyra and use his CurrentGift to stop hers. Akos’ CurrentGift is the ability to stop other CurrentGifts from taking effect. This is very useful for Cyra because Cyra’s CurrentGift is to cause pain. A downside to this is that the “Shadows” that she releases to cause the very pain that she uses, causes Cyra heaps of pain in the meantime.


This is one of my favourite books that I have read in a while. It ropes you in and you just can’t stop reading it! Carve the Mark has many turning points and it is very creative in many ways! I believe the best part was the 3rd section because it has many turns and makes you want to read on. I believe that it would be an Adventure/Romance/Sci-Fi book. The book has a unique type of writing that I believe that others (including myself) would like!


I would recommend this book to anyone! In fact, I have already recommended it to 4 people! Carve the Mark is a book that leads you to conclusions that are not necessarily true. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars for its amazing story line and all its twists. It kept me interested throughout the book and Veronica Roth did something right with this book.