Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto

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The book starts off in the United States in the state of California, but slowly moves to England in the UK. The main characters are Chloe Kennedy who sees ghosts, Alexander Reade, a 157 year old ghost that Chloe visions and Isobel, a ghost stronger than any other who is out for revenge. Other main characters are Rory Kennedy, younger brother to Chloe Kennedy, Grandma Fee, Chloe and Rory Kennedy’s mother’s mum. Sadly their mum passed at the beginning of the story. The conflict within this book was very intriguing. Isobel, the evil ghost has a past life in England and after Chloe and Rory’s mother passed away they went on holiday to England to live with their Grandma Fee. Although Chloe is able to see all ghosts, she’s never seen one like Alexander Reade or Isobel. Alexander and Isobel were in love until their deaths. However, Alexander appeared very real to Chloe and she fell in love. Chloe and Alexander meeting one another agitated Isobel and she became restless and aggressive, not wanting Chloe there, so she made Chloe face the consequences. It all depends on Chloe.
As each day went past, Isobel threatened Chloe, hurting those she loved most. Everything for her must change if she wants to protect her family and friends. This gift of seeing ghosts doesn’t feel like a gift to Chloe, more like a curse. If only she knew what she was capable of rather than worrying about Isobel. Will she be defeated or will Isobel go back to the afterlife?

In my opinion, Ghost House is a great book for all, especially those who love a good old mystery/fantasy with a bit of horror. I couldn’t stop reading it I was so intrigued! The ending especially is shocking as it had a massive twist which I loved. Everything in the story seems to happen so quickly but when you’re reading those events, it feels like time has come to a complete stop. The author especially used a great tone of language along with a creative sense of writing.

Overall, I would recommend this book to others without a second thought. I would definitely give it a five star rating. It was unbelievably amazing! I would give it this rating because it entertained, intrigued and inspired me to read more books like those. A quote that I specially enjoyed from the book was, “Alex is more real than anyone I’ve ever known. And him being dead really doesn’t change a thing”. This book is one that all should read. Without a doubt!