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The Library team runs a Wide Reading Program that promotes books and encourages students to realise that a Love Of Reading is Awesome and eXciting. All students in Years 7 and 8 (plus other classes that are interested) participate in this program that rewards excellent reading behaviours. Students are allowed to choose their own reading material and their teachers reward excellent reading behaviours with points. As students achieve points throughout the year they can redeem prizes from the Teacher Librarians during their fortnightly visits to the Library.

Student handout

Wide Reading Rewards

2018 – Sem 2 timetable

Activities covered during LORAX library lessons include;

Kids Lit Quiz

School and District Readers’ Cup Competition

Why Read?



How to write a Book Review

Download a BookPlate

Instructions for accessing the BCE Digital Library

Book Week competitions

Middle School Book Club

Write blog posts for the library website

More Resources

‘Stories are vital for kids in a daunting world,’ says author Morris Gleitzman