Library Lovers’ Day 2019

Chisholm Catholic College Library > #LibraryLoversDay

Library Lovers’ Day 2019 was more successful than last year! This year we had over 50 students and staff participated in our annual Blind Date with a Book. The books were thoughtfully chosen for each participant and wrapped with love by the Library Reader Leaders. We had some very excited students (and teachers) collecting their book date today. We hope the Chisholm Community continue their enthusiasm and enjoyment for reading throughout the year.

Library Lovers’ Day 2018

Chisholm Catholic College Library > #LibraryLoversDay

The Library Staff would like to thank all of the Staff and Students who helped us celebrate Library Lovers’ Day for another year. Participants signed-up for a romantic ‘blind date’ with a book of their favourite genre. Whilst on their dates the participants nibbled on some ‘bookworms’ and chocolate hearts. We would like that thank all those involved for another successful year of blind dating with a great book!

Check out this YouTube video of Graham Perrett, MP discussing Library Lovers’ Day in the House of Representatives!